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February 09, 2004



"The capture of Louis Saha from Fulham has made all the difference to United's attack. But I had hoped the transfer window would see a central defender recruited to cover for the banned Ferdinand"

We all could see that - why not Fergie? it's really coming back to haunt him now as the last three games have seen a lot of defensive deficiencies exposed...

I dont think UNited are totally out of the title race but it will be tough with the form of Arsenal..

But chelsea are not out of it either - despite your earlier 'concrete' prediction that they have gone by the wayside "as ferguson says"...the good thinkg about supporting none of the above sides is the ability to analyse them neutrally and i cant tell who will win it now...

Id have to put money on the Arse with manU and chelsea close second..

p.s. = "!international midfielder Djemba Djemba (from Africa's second-best team)"- NO LONGER !!

Frank McGahon

I'm sorry to say that after tonight's game, you're probably right. The championship is Arse's to lose.

As for Djemba Djemba, please explain. Nigeria and Cameroon are the continent's two best sides, Tunisia beating Nigeria at home on penalties doesn't change that. Djemba Djemba is still in the squad?


I prefer to judge countries on their last set of comp fixtures and i Dont think the Cameroon have proven themselves the best oin Africa by a long shot..

Nigeria are perhapes the best on paper but like WC 2002, wehen France went out in the first round I preferred to judge them real time and bump them out of my mental Top 5 :)

so to wrap, i think tunisia have shown enough to be at least in the top 2 in Africa...

Frank McGahon

Tunisia have home advantage and there is a plausible case that a kind of dirty tricks campaign has gone on against some of the better teams such as Nigeria and Cameroon.

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