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March 31, 2004


Dick O'Brien

Looks like Zoe's giving the thumbs up in the first one.

Frank McGahon

Either that or she's shaking her fist at me!


Those are great pictures. Seeing as Zoe is a girl, there's no doubt that it's a fist on display and not the thumbs up. Girls are much more troublesome.


Barely out of the womb, and she's already making like a Contender! Stay spunky, girl!

Abiola Lapite

Aww, cute! You're a lucky fellow to have such gorgeous kids, I have to say; makes me feel like putting aside the Maxim lifestyle and starting a family of my own!

Frank McGahon


She's that allright!


Thanks! I do feel like "such a lucky fellow" [as the song goes]

As for your abandoning the "Maxim lifestyle", don't worry about it: One day, just like Michael Corleone, you'll get "hit by the thunderbolt" and you won't have much of a choice about it [though I hope your future bride doesn't share Appolonia Corleone's fate!]


With two littles ones of my own, I know well how the very sight of them can make a fellow go all squishy inside. You're right to be proud of such beautiful children.


Perry de Havilland

Most excellent! Please continue to produce additional very fine future samizdata.net contributors!

David Gillies

Bravo, Frank. I comment further on the Samizdata thread from which I found this.

Frank McGahon


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