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April 14, 2004



Welcome back, Frank. Hope you had a happy birthday!

I visited the Portuguese garden paradise island of Madeira last year. The surprising sound of the language was one of the first things that struck me. It looks quite like Spanish but, as you say, sounds more like Russian. I wonder why that is.

Frank McGahon

I think it's a lot to do with the 'zh' and 'sh' sounds which are so prominent, but it is a curious feature that Brazilian Portuguese sounds much more "latin" than native Portuguese.


The granite cubes are called 'calcadas'.

Frank McGahon

Thanks for that!

Any progress on your own Portuguese project?


LOL. I love the idea of you taking a relaxing holiday away from it all only to find yourself concerned about the state of Portuguese building regulations and shoddy footpaths . Occupational hazard I guess.

I was more concerned by the numerous stray dogs loitering around.......flea ridden filthy mutts! Shouldn't grumble, at least I wasn't in a wheelchair.

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