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June 02, 2004


Peter Nolan

"With the demise of socialism, many may have intellectual capital on hand which they would rather use than discard"

It not just socialism, but the basic patterns of religious culture that are getting repeated in many environmental arguments. Again it's our terrible wickedness which will lead us to our own utter destruction and to an "end of history", a utopian millenium, if only a uniquely seductive and evil foe can be defeated. Check out Damian Thompson's The End of Time, or Norman Cohn's books - and you'll see what I mean. The fact that the planet may just roast us or freeze us anyway regardless of what we do seems rare.

Anybody who hasn't already (and who's got a spare month) should read Lomborg's book The Skeptical Environmentalist, which is flawed in places, but very informative.

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