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September 06, 2004


Peter Nolan

I remember back when this CORI outfit used to be called the Congress of Major Religous Superiors, a name that put all us, the rabble of minor irreligous inferiors in our place. I suppose belief fades into activism and then dissolves.

It's nice to see Moore MacDowell of the ORI stepping into the ring too.


I hope there wasn't a mix up in which campaigning priest came along!


Maybe his use of the media and of political parties can be viewed as 'propagandising' but why not? The main thing is that awareness is created and the chief problems which are rooted in Irish society are brought to the fore-surely that is what is important!!!

Frank McGahon

Niamh, the problem is not with the propagandising per se but the fact that the policy prescriptions he proffers are proven to fail and will tend to exacerbate the very problems* you contend he has brought to the fore.

*and some of these "problems" are mere counting functions, such as "relative poverty". There is no way to eliminate "relative poverty" as it is defined relatively - those in the lower fifth of income.

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