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December 20, 2004



I was wondering what had happened to the Subcomandante. The Kids just seem to have lost interest in him in recent years. The Anti-Globos are a fickle lot and Marcos is like a teen idol past his sell-by date, like a Radical Chic David Cassidy or Chesney Hawkes.

Frank McGahon

That's probably it, he's "reinventing himself"! Perhaps hoping for a similar boost in profile to that enjoyed by John Travolta after his career-resurrecting role in Pulp Fiction.


Or he could try to restore his fortunes by appearing on "I'm an Anti-Capitalist...Get Me Out of Here!", the popular TV programme in which faded political radicals compete for a second chance to make it on the American college circuit by enduring such tests as the "Bush-Hitler Trial" (where they must make as many comparisons between Dubya and the Nazis as possible in one minute). I think they've just been filming the pilot episode in the Colombian jungle...

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