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January 04, 2005


Abiola Lapite

I've never pretended to hate the French; they produce great mathematicians, writers, composers, painters, and they have wonderful architecture, scenery, cooking and fashion, which makes it all the more a shame they're such assh*les when it comes to politics.

Frank McGahon

The gallic conundrum...


I love France. I admire the fact that the intellectual culture is welcomed rather than scorned. I also was amazed that while we Americans have only presidents and other political figures on our money, the French francs had scientists (Curie) and even literary figures (The Little Prince). It says something about priorities. Still I must beg to disagree slightly: though French cooking is very good, Italian cooking is the best. Though admittedly I don't think anyone can touch the French in the bread and pastry department.

Frank McGahon

Well I am an Italophile too so I'm not in total disagreement!

I was in Rome last September and a couple of years ago in Nice. French coffee is not so good (who drinks coffee from a bowl?) and Italian pastries are pretty stale. So breakfast was only ever half-good in each country. The ideal combination is Italian coffee with French pastries.

Peter Nolan

I hate the French, although mainly for cultural reasons. I'll never forget the first time I went to Paris and found that the whole city smells of piss. I think historians are overlooking the role of an offended sense of hygiene in causing three Prussian invasions.

Give me the Germans any day. You can't beat some Bach, or Strauss or (really loud) Wagner to get one in the mood...

Abiola Lapite

"You can't beat some ... (really loud) Wagner to get one in the mood..."

In the mood ... for world conquest!

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