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January 16, 2005


Richard Leyland

Aha! Arsenal lose a game and the schadenfreude is so all pervading you could choke on it. I'll take it a step further, (as a Newcastle fan):

Mr Wenger, Mr Ferguson, Mr Maurinho "A PLAGUE ON ALL YOUR HOUSES!"

Frank McGahon

Shouldn't that be "a plague on all a yisser hooses!"?

Mark Mcconville

the rejuvented Scotland aroused history, in beating the superior and charismatic superstars of France.Yes Scotland were a inferior quantity to the French outfit, witch incorparated flair and captivation, but Scotland showed resilliance and character. Theirry Henry showed his velocity and prime expertise, but could not breach the complacent and audicious Scots. can Scotland compete in a prolonged fashion time will tell!

Star personnel:Theirry Henry:The former Juventus and Monaco Striker, donned hampden with colossal expectations. The Arsenal hitman showed climpses of expertise, and rich pinnacle flair, but could not produce when it mattered.The question is why this already maverick star does not ignite in these propaganda induced stages, is perplexed and worrying. replication after replication at Arsenal, such a prime and scenic entertainer.

Scotland: star personnel: Gary Caldwell: of course not in the same class as is French Counterpart Lillian Thuram, but this prospering Defender excelled under the spotlight. Closed down France's quick and skillful performers perfectly, and of course grabbed the priceless goal to sink the French. A few worrying aspects about the Former Hibs stars game, is that at club level he can be complacent, but if he shows incentive and diminishes the stupidy he will flourish into a top player!

final thought: this historic encounter was pulsating and engrossing,Scotland made history by inflicting worry on there French counterparts pin-up visages. but france are sure group winners, and true contenders to elavate the pretigious trophy!

mark mcconville

class, panash, superiority, that sums up the rossaneri of Milan. grit, resilliance, incentive, that portrays Celtic. The specticle will commence on 20th Febuary, where Celtic and the colossal Milan will tussle at Celtic Park in Glasgow. of course Celtic are vivid underdogs, but at Celtic Park they seem to express motivation, and most importantly football. The Hoops have dismantled the elite units of teams including, Manchester United, the old lady Juventus, Stuttgart,Barcelona, all those teams have failed in the engrossing atomosphere of Celtic Park, faulted by barracade of passion from the instrumental faithful. players of such quility will grace Celtic Park, wearing the famous colurs of one of the most acclaimed footballing foundations the World offers. Kaka, Pirlo, former Rangers general Gennero Guttuso, pulsating talent. the Question is, can the brave Scots sustain the pressure of Milan? time will tell!

mark Mcconville

the desisive occation for the Glasgow Giants. its time for Celtic to become revalations and recieve recognition from the people of tiny Scotland. the San Siro will be the venue, steped in profound history perched in the beauty of Milan. 80,000 fans will fill the staduim and will enlarge the atmosphere and it should be a scenic spectacle. now back to the football. Celtic will have a hard time of it, if they cant break down Rosanerri. because with the staduim, the blood curdling screams, and the unbounded pedigree of the Milanese it could be overwhelming for the Hoops. the 2nd leg nears its commence, and the excitement rises to its extreame. we just hope its not the tanned superstarts, but the wight and guant looking souls from the east end of Glasgow who show resolve and become men and to make people take notice that Scottish teams have flair and character and can beat the best !!! OVER AND OUT!!!!

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