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January 04, 2005



Frank, I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading it (though admit I skimmed over anything that seemed to be related to football). I'm quite sure you don't know me but you do know of me. I am your cousin, daughter of Marie, living in England. I met you and your lady wife for the first time at Sarah's wedding in October. Rich (my husband) and I are big blog fans and it's good to have a new one to check out. Congratulate Aimee and Fergus on their wedding for me.

Frank McGahon

Oh I do know you - the star of "Your money or your life" no less!

Nice to welcome another cousin to my blog, thanks for your comments, I'll pass your congrats onto Aimee and Fergus.


awww...that pic made me go all gooey , sniff sniff, congrats to your sister, she's found her lobster!

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