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January 19, 2005



i wish they'd both bugger off. it's long past the point of being the slightest bit interesting.

Scott Wickstein

Nah I don't mind- it is good for a laugh. They both look a bit silly doing this now that they have blown their title chances.

It's just nice to not see a Newcastle manager/chairman/player in the headlines.

Michael Turley

Is it just me but has anyone noticed that they are reading more about transfers/managers rants/players off-field behaviour than actually watching the games?

Bloody girls game anyway.

The Heineken Cup has produced far more watchable sport and the games are better crack to attend. Also its more satisfying watching home grown talent performing well for Irish teams in European competition.


Scott, I disagree. It USED TO BE amusing back when there was a bit of subtlety to their jabs. Now it's just tedious.

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