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January 12, 2005


Peter Nolan

It told me that I was 100% Chinese

Abiola Lapite

I wouldn't take this test the least bit seriously, as it seems to throw results out at random. Someone at Jay Walker's blog put in Mr. Potato-Head and was told it was 65% Middle Eastern and 35% European; another guy put in his cat and was told it was "highly intelligent" and had a decent professional income!

Perhaps I ought to draw up my own "analyzer" to spit out random results and see if I can get people to flock to it, There's probably a nice amount of banner ad income to be had if I make all the profiles suitably flattering (which is where this test went wrong, as nobody complains about a test that tells them they're no. 1) ...

Frank McGahon

You are, of course, correct. Where I was led astray was not so much the flattering profile but the fact that the "analyzer" managed to fluke onto my actual profession, at least the first time.

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