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April 14, 2005


Richard Delevan

Damn. Proves just what a sucker I am for red hair (even a decent dye job)- I thought she looked pretty good.

Frank McGahon

Isn't Ms Dunst more of a blonde than a "strawberry blonde"? (unless you are thinking of Spiderman..)

Incidentally: I bet you were disappointed to note the general dearth of red-heads among actual Irish women when you came here first? I seem to recall that the proportion of redheads in the population is only around 2% or so.

Abiola Lapite

That guy's a wierdo: Dunst is admittedly a little too far on the skinny side for my taste, at least going by her thighs, but she actually manages to carry off the "unattainable girl next door" thing rather well in both Spider-Man and its sequel, despite her bearing a more than passing resemblance to the vapid Elisha Cuthbert.* It's a mark of how completely she owned the role of Mary Jane that, in retrospect, I can't imagine anyone else playing it. Besides, since when did complaining about Xtina's lack of discretion make one a "bitch?" Sounds like someone with a sense of what constitutes good manners to me.

*I ought to trademark the phrase "vapid Elisha Cuthbert", that's how well it hangs together.

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