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May 30, 2005


Abiola Lapite

Yes, the question of economic sovereignty is important, and the French have every right to wish to retain the power to determine it at home, but it hardly augurs well for the future of economic reform in France that the reason so many people rejected the constitution was because it was too "free market." A France which is poorer and less fully employed than it might otherwise have been is a bad thing for both the French and those who they trade with, not to speak of the troubling social and political tendencies which are already underway because of it, e.g. the rise of the extreme left and right, and the radicalization of increasing numbers of young French muslims.

Frank McGahon

I don't mean at all to celebrate Franco-economic-ostrichism, it is true that there are very good reasons for reform and liberalisation but..

a) They will get there by themselves eventually and..

b) Reform by EU diktat is unlikely to achieve intended results and could even damn liberalisation by association and more importantly..

c) French divergence from the loose Anglo-American consensus demonstrates the importance of retaining economic and political sovereignty within Europe and perhaps the futility of seeking some chimerical economic consensus to comprise every last EU country.

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