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May 30, 2005



Alors, we're heading back to the traditional approach to integration, German tanks rolling over the continent. I was happy when I heard about this, but on reflection the consequences could be nasty for Turkey and the eastern European countries and threaten economic modernisation in the EU.

Frank McGahon


This constitution didn't even promise "economic modernisation" and probably would have made such modernisation even more difficult. The best thing the EU can offer the Eastern countries is a free-movement and free-trade area, which they have already, anything further than that is as likely to be a hindrance as a boon. As for Turkey, the "nasty consequences" you fear have little to do with the adoption or rejection of this constitution. Turkey's problem is more complex than I could summarise but EU membership under the existing or proposed constitution is not some kind of panacea and there will be a sizeable portion of the EU opposed to Turkish entry for quite some time to come regardless.

Young  Irelander

I think it's great that the EU has been plunged into turmoil due to its arch nemesis - state sovereignty!

Philipp Rebmann

Unfortunately, we Germans were not given any chance
of referendum

Frank McGahon

I suppose you won't need one now: Despite what the spin emanating from "federasts" among the EU's bureaucratic and political elite is saying, this constitution is dead in the water. It's going to be 'even more dead' when the Netherlands votes against and, in the unlikely event that the Irish government means what it says and does hold a referendum here, when we vote it down here too.


One wit - I think it was the German philosopher Ulrich Beck - said that the EU would not be allowed join the EU if it applied, as it would not be democratic enough. Maybe he has a point!

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