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July 05, 2005



Never mind the Gallic Gaffes! What about mine? No wonder I'd never seen an aerial view of Dundalk before. Dundalk Ontaria, thanks Frank, I've had a pretty crappy am and that's cheered me up,

Hope you're well


Frank McGahon

Well, I was a bit suspicious about the picture, I didn't recognise any pattern, I thought It might have been around the train station, but the closer I looked and the more I noticed all that lush greenery, I figured something was wrong...


Dundalk has no more lush greenery?

Will the gaffes never end? Look at how I spelled Ontario - Ontaria; that's called the Narnia Syndrome, too much reading of the Chronicles of whilst young, and not so young.

Yes I can imagine you were somewhat perplexed on the Dundalk aerial view front, Frank. Mind you I was wondering myself as I didn't see any street pattern I recognised, I just took Goggle's word for it.

Frank McGahon

I just took Goggle's word for it.

It's just not your day, is it? :-)


I'm no expert on PR but I think the Parisian campaign has probably gone for the wrong angle. "You can trust France..." Yes, but to do what?


Well, Jacques ...

... Instant Karma is gonna get you:

NO Olympics for you, mon ami!

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