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July 12, 2005


Dick OBrien

Have to say, that's a pretty sweet looking gaff you've got there Frank.

Frank McGahon


Hugh Green

Very impressive indeed.

Richard Waghorne


Congrats Frank!


Nice place, alright :-) You do this professionally, right?


Wow! That's really cool Frank! I know next to nothing about architecture, but the design really reminds of the Belmont Street Lofts here in Portland, Oregon.
See here:


Whoo..seriously breathtaking, more pics asap!!! And the award for Best Irish Crib goes to....

loving the number on the door...


Marvellous place Frank! I'd sacrifice my Guardian, my muesli and my sandals for a gaff like this!


Way out and well done, really like the new house.

Any Corbusier influence at all when you designed this?

When I first saw the Corb house at Tiefenbrunnen in Zurich I fell in love with the design. Space and calm.

all the best for living there

Frank McGahon

Well there's always a subliminal Corb influence. Architects have a kind of way of internalising influences - ideas, hitherto stored in reserve appear to "suggest themselves" in the design process. Some of this is conscious, other times it's a kind of subconcious attachment to a particular arrangement which then turns out to have been inspired by x,y or z. In this case, there weren't specific examples at the time but I can identify one or two in retrospect such as the Villa Cook

Gerry O'Sullivan

Careful, Frank! Your new abode could become Dundalk's newest tourist attraction. :-)

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