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October 26, 2005



Indeed, from the point of view of certain individuals Lawlor does seem to make a cadaver eccellente.

Of course, Frank, if you like conspiracy theories, how do we really know Lawlor is dead? If anyone had an incentive to stage his death, it's Lawlor. And if you had to choose a place to do it, wouldn't it be Moscow? I mean terrorists intent on killing hundreds of Russian citizens can buy off the police, surely arranging a few coppers to tell a few porkies about a dead Irish politician would be chicken feed comapared with that.


Have you seen one photograph of the car Lawlor was traveling in? I haven't, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been published.


I've thought for the longest time that Lawlor's unwillingness to produce the records for his phase of the tribunal was born more from unease than stubbornness...almost as if he had something to fear from full disclosure. My bonkersest pet theory (and one easily disproved) was involvement with the mafiya and just look it at where the poor ol' bollo met his Maker....

Frank McGahon

Indeed, and his nickname used to be Lord Lucan, maybe for more than one reason...


So, Diana Spencer getting knocked off, with the-car-that-did-it never being found and a British coroner's report yet to be made is "yeah. whatever.", but in the next breath you're going to insinuate that Bertie did Lawlor in?

I thought at first that this post was intendend to be tongue-in-cheek, but having read the comments here and over at Irish Eagle I'm now not so sure.

Frank McGahon

It wasn't exactly Bertie I had in mind.

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