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January 30, 2006



I'm loving Veronica Mars. Got the first season on dvd, WB seem to have released it region free, so if you are considering buying it....

Also, RTE have bought the rights to show it in Ireland, but have ignored my email asking them when they intend to tart showing it.


Certainly thinking about it, Fence, but in the meantime I'm Sky+ing all the eps. RTE are, of course, famously profligate with their imports, preferring to burn off taxpayer-funded shows like 'CSI', 'Gilmore Girls', 'Ed' at ungodly hours, if at all. Anything to stop the 'competition' getting their hands on anything half-decent. Anytime I've mailed TG4 or TV3, I've gotten good, fast responses. In fact, I seem to recall TG4 telling me a year ago that RTE has bought 'VM' and 'Lost'. Expect the former to be shown at 4 am on any given Monday.


Well by the time I got to the end of season 1 I just wasn't prepared to wait anymore, and had my first torrent experience. Now I'm all caught up on the US.

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