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February 25, 2006


Hugh Green

Yeah, that one really gets on my tits too. I'll tell you another one: when they refer to the Real Madrid left back as simply 'Carlos'.

Frank McGahon

I suppose it's similar to (Cristiano) Ronaldo (Dos Santos Aveiro). Everyone says his middle name as if it's his surname, while seemingly also aware that it was inspired by Ronald Reagan.

Incidentally, I saw you picking up on Casillas as "grassy-ass". My Spanish pronunciation isn't really up to much but I presume your problem is the stress rather than the pronunciation per se. If you were to say grassy-ass with the stress on the second syllable (rather like the way Michael McMullen says "Newcastle"), surely that would be a reasonable approximation of Spanish? (or would you prefer a lisping 's' and a little hint of 'l' on the 'y"?)

Hugh Green

Yeah, in the case of Cassy-ass it's the stress in the first 'a' that's the problem. If the stress were on the 'i', the second syllable, then it'd definitely be passable, although the 'll'/'y' sound is desirable.

No need for a lisping 's' here at all, though; when there's a letter 's' this sound is only for people with lisps and perhaps people from Andalusia. Of course, with 'gracias', the stress should be on the 'a', and in Spain (as opposed to Latin America) it's generally pronounced with a lisping 's' sound for the 'c', but anything goes, I suppose.

Frank McGahon

Just heard it pronounced Bar-nah-bow in a Today FM piece on Florentina Perez' resignation...

Hugh Green

Thinking about this a bit further, pronunciation of 'Berna-bow' by a Nartsoider would be a reasonable approximation of the correct pronunciation. But in the jaws of our friend Michael, well...

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