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March 30, 2006



The problem with what you're suggesting is that this would also probably make it impossible for a considerable portion of the viewing public to understand what's going on: remember that half of the population is of below average intelligence, and another sixth barely above it.

Frank McGahon

I take your point - they probably don't shift too many copies of Rashomon at Walmart and Target - but tv writing has got a lot more imaginative in the last few years: A recent episode of the much maligned CSI: Miami featured a similar plot device, one story retold from three different viewpoints, albeit in the service of an utterly preposterous plot about the murder of a five star hotel's cabana boy - poor old Armando couldn't catch a break: Boffing three women staying in the penthouse suite (on a "wives' weekend"), he couldn't get it up for the first, who bashed him on the head with a towel rail and left him for dead, then the second with a bit of chemical assistance, banging his head on the rail of the bed and again, left for dead. Falling down the stairs after a heated debate with the third and left for dead and taken by the hotel manager, put in the boot of his car to be disposed of, escaping only to run into the husband of one of the three (who was more pissed off that Armando was screwing one of the other wives, his mistress, than his own wife) who promptly strangled him.


Interesting point Frank. Though, it being a book this is a bit of a spoiler, the Rashomon device was also used to spectacular effect in Iain Pears's An Instance of the Fingerpost.

Frank McGahon

That's right, I read (and enjoyed) that last year (after it was favourably mentioned at Marginal Revolution).

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