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March 22, 2006



Capmag got that piece five days ago! They must have organised a great deal with Sowell.

Frank McGahon

Five days ago I was actually in France experiencing the best and worst of that country. Foie Gras and medieval Carcassone, Cathar history, good. Drizzly weather and blockaded streets preventing me from visiting the Ville Basse part, bad.

Hugh Green

On Friday night I had some Foie Gras prepared in batter like the sort used for sweet and sour chicken. After that, I'll forgive France for anything. You don't get delights like that without a culture of self-indulgent emotionalism.

William Sjostrom

Sowell is wrong. The students know their economics quite well. If you can't fire, then risky hiring decisions become much riskier. Cut the risk by hiring well schooled university graduates rather than less well schooled immigrants.

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