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April 11, 2006



Yeah, but what's "tealight" when it's at home? I mean, how many candelas does a cup of Typhoo give off?

Frank McGahon

Those little candles do give off a few candelas I'd say


Ah, I never knew. I had a feeling I was heading for a fall there. Just a little Googling would have saved me from the consequences of my hubris.

Hugh Green

Hey I scored 27 out of 30, and I forgot to answer two questions! Does that mean I'm smarter or stupider than someone who attempted all 30 and scored 27?

Frank McGahon

Depends on the questions you missed, I suppose. Perhaps you subconciously "forgot" to do the difficult ones, but then maybe you should get extra points for such a ruse.

I didn't get "banalities" or the number of syllables in the months question. But it is a bit of a silly test really, for many of the "correct" answers there are equally defensible alternative answers.

Hugh Green

Banalities was one of the ones I forgot to come back to. Parachutes was the other. Funny enough I used to be quite the Countdown buff, so when my Blink-style attempt at rearrangement didn't work, I just moved on to the next question. Maybe I 'forgot' out of fear that Carol might no longer be impressed.

My own opinion of these tests is that they're of bugger all use to you in a one-on-one with a polar bear.

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