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July 11, 2006


Peter Nolan

"when I checked each blog "manually", those earlier posts might have inspired a thought or two the second time around."

Kinda like chewing your food thoroughly, huh?

"it more or less fell off the precipice around the time I decided to read my favourite blogs via bloglines."

There is no OBLIGATION to post. I've started using Bloglines, but the reason that I stopped posting or commenting was that I couldn't really be bothered for such a small readership. I think that I write so slowly that there's no point. I wanted to practise writing and develop a voice of my own and that has developed much further than I thought it would.

My new blog is really just a way of working out things that I'm going to write elsewhere, pointing to stuff that I have written elsewhere, as well as just acting as my homepage.

Frank McGahon

I do realise that there's no obligation and I have always been careful to avoid falling into the trap of "apologising" for not posting - any content offered is, and has to be, based on a "take it or leave it as it is" basis. But, I reckon, I still wanted to blog, otherwise I would have pulled the plug on the whole shooting gallery by now.

Thanks for the pointer to Nolan v2.0 by the way!

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