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July 13, 2006



Must be because he's never been the US first choice.

Though I'm sure he and Hahnemann will be fighting it out now that Keller's retiring internationally.

Jon Ihle

I know it's popular to think that Hahnemann is in the mix to start, but the position belongs to Howard. I can't see the US in 2010 going with a 37 year old who got his first taste of the top flight when he was 33. Howard's very good. He'll prove it at Everton.


That's interesting considering all the upset about passports and UEFA that's been such a news item lately.

Magyar Angol Szotar

Agreed, they will be fighting full time. Hahnemann wins? Eh, that might be a good question.

Cheers, Marko

Magyar Angol Szotar

He's never been liked in the states. And, the word on the street is that he easier makes enemies than friends.



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