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October 17, 2006



I wouldn't have been aware of it either, had it not been for news of the plight of many of the now Japan-resident Brazilians repeatedly impinging on my consciousness.

Japan's a pretty funny place in this regard: these Brazilian immigrants are favored over others because of their Japanese ancestry, but now that the Japanese are discovering that having a Japanese-looking face doesn't mean you know anything about the culture, the result has been something of a discriminatory backlash. Foreigners who don't look Japanese are often given a "gaijin pass" on knowing the norms of the culture, and besides that they have a certain "exotic" appeal which procures favorable treatment, but to look Japanese and have a Japanese name while not actually *being* culturally Japanese is to have the worst of both worlds.

Anyway, don't mean to derail the post with my mini-dissertation on Brazilians in Japan, I just find the whole subject interesting.

Frank McGahon

Not at all, I find it very interesting myself...


I kind of half-remembered that fact because of this old post by Brazilian poet Nelson Ascher at Europundits (you have to scroll down to September 14: "Silver Linings").


September 4th, sorry.



Hmm. It seems that in general, things arent looking too good for immigrants in Brazil.

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